So how difficult is it to get home insurance in Evergreen?

Well let’s see. Here is a true story for you. As a homeowner you know the drill..

You shop for the house, you find the house and you a need mortgage – most of us anyway. To get loan you need to make sure your house will get insured. You get a good advice from you real estate agent to call local insurance agency that knows the neighborhood because living in the mountains is a little bit different. One of the things that insurance companies are worried about are wildfires.

So I make a call to an insurance company. I am not going to state their name here. I get in touch with the agent and I explain her my situation. I let her know that we are about to buy a house and that we need home insurance. “No problem at all. Please give me your new address, approximate square footage of the house. Any fireplaces? Size of decks etc. Everything looks great! I’ll send you a quote soon”

OK.  Per suggestion of our real estate agent I follow up with next question.

“Are you going send someone there to inspect the property?”.

Answer I got was a little surprising but I’m open-minded.

“I’m looking at Google maps and everything is looking good. I pulled up all the information about the house. We are good to go.”

Awesome!! That’s how easy it is. Yep. Just like that!
In few minutes I receive quote that looks reasonable. We have a deal.  I receive confirmation from insurance company that we have all documents ready to be e-signed. I love that! No paper to waste and I don’t have to drive anywhere.  All documents are signed with coverage starting at the same date as our closing – Jan 6th.

Next step is to send the documents to mortgage company to make them happy.  All is done!

The last thing on the list is closing and suddenly we are new homeowners. Two weeks later we receive paper copy of the home insurance policy with premium for the policy period.

Information as of January 21….
Your policy effective date is January 6th. Insured property details etc. Everything is in order.

So to get home insurance in Evergreen is pretty simple process.

Nothing to worry about until you receive a call from your real estate agent that there is some issue with insurance payment.  “What do you mean by that?”

Well, one phone call to insurance company reveals that they just simply terminated the insurance on January 6.

“How could you terminate the insurance? We have received information as of January 21 that we have insurance, we have received the bill.. ??”

We sent you an email..

Really? Interesting. So we have been communicating over the email the entire process and suddenly one of the most important emails got lost? Nobody knows that the policy has been canceled. And reasons for termination? Inspection – too much vegetation, some issues with the roof and bad foundation. It almost looked like they inspected wrong house.

Hurry up now! You need the insurance NOW!

So for all newcomers, make sure the insurance company you are dealing with will inspect your property and give you result of the inspection week or two before closing so you have time to find alternative should you need to.