Internet providers in Evergreen area

So you have moved to the Evergreen area and you need internet connection. Like it or not – the internet is becoming necessity for a lot of people. When we started to look for a home to purchase we knew we would need a good internet service as we use it for work.
Our idea was to get a house with a reasonably good internet connection and have our cell phones as backup for those times when internet stops working.

What have we learned?

1. Internet in the mountains can be sketchy. The same goes for cell phone signal.

You can have a great coverage on one side of the street and a very poor one on the other side. If fast internet is important to you, then make sure you do your homework! Call all available providers (if there is more than one) and make sure that they can confirm service for your address. Check with neighbors to see what provider they use and how good the service is.

2. Don’t assume that you’ll automatically get the same service as the previous property owner.

It’s not guaranteed that service will be available to you. In some cases there can be a waiting list and someone else might be in front of you. Yes you’ve heard it right.  There can be limited availability and the provider may not be wiling to expand in that area. Again, do your homework and call the provider to find out.

Some internet providers available in Evergreen area (the list will be updated)

  • Comcast – probably best choice if you need fastest and reliable internet service
    Comcast Evergreen website
  • Century Link –  they offer DSL (digital subscriber line) service over your phone line and speed will depends on how far you are from central office.
    Century Link website 
  • Skybeam – The connection is provided via a wireless link between an antenna installed at your location and hardware installed at a Skybeam tower no more than a few miles from you.
    Skybeam website
  • HughesNet – internet over satellite
    HughesNet website
  • Dish – also provides internet
    Dish website

I sorted the providers above in order from my first choice Comcast to my last choice Dish based on my experience. We all have different needs and quality of the service will vary with your location.

I should also mention that these are not your only options. Our backup plan was our cell phone provider. If you have good cell phone signal you should explore the idea of using wireless access point from your provider.  We used Verizon Wireless and speeds were amazing with 4G LTE. If your signal is not great ask about signal boosters.

Internet in the foothills can be challenging but technology is getting better all the time. Hopefully this information will help you to to find the best provider and make the right decision.

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Good luck!  Evergreen Expert..