A few things about living in Evergreen

Statements below may or may not be factual but you should know that….
Homesteader Thomas Bergen arrived in 1859, establishing a ranch and stage stop north of present-day downtown Evergreen.
Bergen’s Ranch was recognized as a settled area at the establishment of Jefferson County, Jefferson Territory. Subsequent settlers homesteaded south of Bergen along Bear Creek Canyon and the downtown area grew around the confluence of Cub Creek and Bear Creek. Fellow homesteader Dwight P. Wilmot is credited with naming the area “Evergreen”; his home has been preserved and still functions as a private residence across the street from his namesake Wilmot Elementary School.
Source: Wikipedia
Weather in Evergreen can change quickly and often but we sure like 300 days of sunshine claim. Don’t we? But don’t let that fool you, there is still snow on the ground, so be ready to dress up.
The man who shot President Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley, Jr. lived for a time in Evergreen near Hiwan Golf Club.
No humidity and cold nights are awesome! This combination equals to almost NO mosquitoes. It also means, that you’ll need a lot and I mean A LOT of hydration. Plenty of water and moisturizer is your best bet.
Cooking in Evergreen takes longer due to high altitude. The higher the elevation, the lower the boiling point of water. When water boils at lower temperatures, it takes longer for foods to cook in water. For items taking more than 20 minutes to cook, add 2 minutes for each 1,000 feet of elevation.

At sea Level (0 feet) water boils at 212° F, in Evergreen water boils around 199° F…

As you well know, there have been hundreds of documented Bigfoot sightings in the wilderness areas not that far from Evergreen. So there is a chance that you will encounter Bigfoot somewhere on the trail.. More on this topic can be found here Colorado Bigfoot Research
• You see a bear twice in the same week
• You see a mountain lion
• You see a bear walking down the main street on a Friday night while music is blaring
• You need to embrace the cold weather and snow
Last but not least – You are Evergreenie if you love living in Evergreen